Mrs. P helps you bring happiness into your home by breaking down parenting into small achievable steps.

Over 2,000 successes.

Tangible results in 2 weeks, or your money back guaranteed.
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Meet Mrs. P

In 2005 Rachel Plaut personally founded the Mesilla School in Rutherford, NJ to help students struggling with ADD and hyperactivity reach their full potential. During her tenure there, most students were successfully integrated into mainstream schools.

In 2015, Mrs. P opened her own practice in Lakewood, NJ, to assist families and individuals facing challenges. Thousands of successful cases have come through the center in the past 5 years.

With the help of her father, the distinguished psychoanalyst Rabbi Dr. Yaakov Greenwald OBM, she developed HarmoniUs, a practical program that addresses the underlying root of various interpersonal issues, thereby resolving the challenges faced by clients in a practical, long-lasting way.

Buy Now for $389.99

Isn’t it time you injected happiness into your home?

what's included:

The HarmoniUs program - $389.99

The Harmonious Program is a totally new approach to parenting: easy to implement and tailored to a new generation. In this program, you will develop core skills that will help you build the foundation of a healthy parent-child relationship and bring harmony to your home.

The program includes: a hardcover HarmoniUs guide, the recorded audiobook on a golden USB key, and a practical workbook to record your progress.

This Program:
  • Teaches you how to give your child deep, specific compliments to build their self-esteem
  • Helps you learn how to properly communicate to build trust and respect
  • Allows you to develop the ability to connect deeply with the hearts and souls of your family members

    Within two weeks, we guarantee that you will see tangible, meaningful change in your family’s peace and harmony--or your money back!

The HarmoniUs program is the most effective, cost-efficient program on the market!
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    A small price to pay for a lifetime of harmony with your family!

    Soul Reaching Approach From Mrs. P

    Every two weeks, Mrs. P will deliver easy-to-implement tips on exactly what to do in specific (yet very common) family scenarios. Remember: there's currently a 300+ person wait list to be seen at her personal practice. Consider these videos as an opportunity to skip the line.

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    Harmony Awaits

    But how do you get there? 

    We're gifted our lives, our families, and our children. Then, we're expected to figure everything out on our own.  The HarmoniUs method addresses the challenges that arise during this process - in a truly unique way.

    • Chutzpah
    • Behavioral/authority issues
    • Anxiety
    • School-related issues
    • Emotional challenges
    • Difficulty communicating
    • Technology addiction
    • Religious disconnect
    • Social issues
    • Many more
    Tangible results guaranteed in 2 weeks!
    documented successes:
    who were in 8th grade were placed in mesivtas.
    remained in the same mesivta and were achieving
    2 years later.
    were placed in high schools
    were placed in elementary schools with the same success rate
    cases were saved!


    A core component of the Harmonius method is a workbook, which trains you to reflect upon the new concepts and slowly implement them into your life. This practice and reflection helps you internalize the concepts so that you grow as a parent.

    Are Saying

    “We are in endless awe of your endless giving for M. Your ability to see the bigger picture, while you brilliantly navigate all the roads & minefields are truly remarkable." 
    - Mr. and Mrs. Z | 15-year-old son
    "Just wanted to thank you for changing our lives forever! You are the ONLY one who really gets it & we live by your program. We are forever grateful." 
    - Mrs. G | 16-year-old daughter
    "It was almost too late! You truly saved our son! Not only did you save him... you recreated him. You made his goodness shine out." 
    - Mrs. L | 12-year-old son
    "You recognized the situation and understood the emotional and psychological upheaval that it was causing in our lives... You weren't just there to give sympathy and empathy. You gave us clear and definitive guidelines and instructions on how to deal with each situation." 
    - Mr. and Mrs. U | Children aged 2 - 10
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    HarmoniUs is based on the practical formation of new habits that, if programmed correctly into your daily life, are guaranteed to reconnect you with your child. Harmony and happiness will be yours forever.